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When things are going well, it is easy to be considerate, understanding, affectionate, kind and intimate.
However, when we are stress, tried, under pressure at home and work, long working hours, expectations, different ideas about relationships, personality differences, parenting skills, language, and cultural differences. Relationships can be challenging.

Cross-cultural, traditional relationships,
arguing, abuse
communication problems,
marriage, civil partnerships,
babies, children,
Respectful behaviour,
Financial difficulties
needs not met.
Challenging relationships at work
Depression, OCD, Anxiety,
Arguing, abuse, Anger

Counselling or psychotherapy can help you bring you back together and develop new ways of working together as a team.

It is normal to have some differences or challenges. We learn how to relate to others unconsciously from our parents, caregivers, and others experiences.
We all have been parenting differently. W e are all unique. These are opportunities for learning and communication.
Often, we react, can feel disrespected, undervalued, unaccepted. We might make assumptions, have a certain perspective, rules that are assumed, but unspoken. Often we have never had to ask specifically for our needs to be met or expressed them.

Relationships can easily slip into destructive behaviours, criticism, blaming frustration, anger, name-calling, avoidance, disappointment, lack of time together, assumptions, unspoken rules or withdrawing, affection or communication.

Our brains are hardwired to want to be in a relationship to have a deep connection with others - family, friends, partners, work colleagues, ourselves and acquaintances.

I offer relational and Integrative Psychotherapy to gain practical understanding of what has changed, what can be change, reconciliation, rebuilding trust, and alternative ways of relating, including communications skill, emotional literacy, developing open-minded curiosity, non-judgment, acceptance, self-compassion, self-care, and a willingness to explore co-created alternative ways, with respect.

Contact me by email or phone for availability and more details.

Availability: Weekdays and evenings. All bookings are made direct with me during office hours. There is a 48 hours cancellation policy.

Clinics in Central London and Beckenham
Mayfair: 58 South Molten Street Clinic:
Soho: Triyoga 2nd Floor Kingly Court, Kingly Street W1
Beckenham, South London

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