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My approach

Getting the help you need
As a therapist, I am here to help you to express yourself, build on your strengths, and understanding your way of being. I respect difference and diversity. I am non-judgemental, interested in your values and beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If something is affecting you, it’s worth talking. This is especially important if you have not been listened to.

I completed extensive training in Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2003. Since then I have dedicated myself to further training in mindfulness-based interventions, relational and integrative psychotherapy including, developmental trauma, loss, grief, self-criticism, relational issues due to cross-cultural and religious influences, identity, depression, anxiety symptoms, panic, perinatal anxiety, postnatal depression, infidelity, fertility issues, miscarriage, abortion, relationship expectations and assumptions, emotional literacy and communication skills.

Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychtotherapy focus on empowering individuals. The therapeutic relationship is very important in this process.
We develop our relationships with others and ourselves from conception throughout life. Our caregivers/parents are our foremost mentors in how to relate to each other, our self-beliefs, belief about others and the world.
TA is a well-established approach used in psychotherapy, counseling, education, and organisational development. It offers a range of models that can be used to explain thoughts, behaviours, emotions, relationships, physical reactions, and communication styles. TA theory explains the working of the mind and body.

For 35 years I worked in Complementary medicine 35 years in bodywork, relaxation therapies, hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness-based approaches and extended my professional knowledge of developed neuroscience, stress reactions, the effects of stress our on bodies: pain-especially in the neck, shoulders, facial muscles, jaw pain, grinding/clenching teeth, restless leg, tension, agitation, cancer IBS, migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, peri and postnatal care, sleep issues.

Contact me by email. or call me to explore what you would like to change.

How can Transactional analysis help you?
Transactional analysis concepts, tools, and models help analyze how individuals communicate and to identify what interaction is needed for a better outcome. The TA therapist will help clients develop day-to-day tools for finding constructive, creative solutions. The ultimate goal is to ensure clients regain absolute autonomy over their lives and support healing.
Eric Berne defines this autonomy as the recovery of three vital human capacities - spontaneity, awareness, and intimacy.

Psychotherapy is an in-depth approach to supporting change in beliefs and habits that developed when we were younger. These beliefs may limit our capacity to respond in the present moment and cause us immense suffering in our relationships, career, self-care, self-esteem, emotional stability, anxiety symptoms, how we relate and feel about ourselves, others, and the world. Psychotherapy is very helpful for making major issues in our life.

Counselling is a talking therapy short term therapy and support for specific goals and changes.
Session are normally on a weekly basis. Face-to-face or online

I have 2 clinics in Central London, Soho and Mayfair and 1 in Beckenham. Appointments are available weekdays, morning, day and evening.
My specialist areas are:
Relationships - infidelity, arguing, difference ways of communication, marriage, civil partnerships, divorce, children, needs not met.
Depression - sadness, lethargy, emotional instability, shame, guilt, self criticism, humilitation.
Identity - loss of and coping with differences in culture, ethnicity,
gender, sexuality, transgender
Anxiety - habitual worry, sleep problems, panic attacks, social anxiety, dating anxiety, relationships anxiety, career anxiety, stress and coping strategies, obsessions, OCD, Hoarding, smoking and other addictions.
Loss, bereavement & grief - sadness, anger, mood swings, miscarriage, fetility issues, loss of friends due to moving country culture, menopause, aging, redundancy, abortion
depression, habitual worry, stress, shame, self-criticism, obsession, OCD, childhood trauma, loss, sexuality, identity, dating anxiety, social anxiety, career anxiety, cultural differences, emotional literacy, sleep, IBS, tension, skin & health issues as well as women’s issues.

Women’s issues including:
Mood swings, self-criticism, low-self-confidence, depression, body confidence, habitual worry, panic, high sensitivity, shame, guilt, obsession, hoarding, abuse, childhood experiences, trauma, birth trauma, self-harm, eating disorders, loss, grief, miscarriage, abortion, sexuality, identity, intimacy, fertility issues, religion, sexuality, culture, diversity, Perinatal & Postnatal anxiety and/or depression, parenting, baby massage, stress, tension, insomnia, IBS, chronic illness or pain, menopause, retirement, loss of health, aging.

Contact me by email or call me to discuss your needs.

I have been in private practice for 35 years in London and the South East. I regularly give mindfulness workshops and courses along with my clinics. I am available Monday to Friday .

Voluntary work - Bromley and Lewisham Mind - Mindful Mums Project
I have been in private practice for over 35 years and also worked with Brocklehurst Secure unit at Pembury Hospital, Tunbridge Well Mental health foundation and given workshops on Mindfulness-based interventions at Google, Soho House, Ing Banking, Greenwich NHS, and many creative agencies.
As a therapist, I am in weekly supervision and therapy and adhere to the codes of practice and ethical boundaries of the BACP and UKATA

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